How to choose finish nailer properly

Using a pneumatic finish nailer you can move nails into different materials. If you want to understand how it works, you should know that such a nailer works with compressed air and can drive the nails into the material. A finish nailer is used in many different situations, both in the home improvement as well as in the commercial sector. For example, you can attach baseboards, fasten foils or fix panels.

Types of pneumatic nailers

In principle, pneumatic nailers can be subdivided into two types: On the one hand, there is the classic pneumatic nailer. This can be used in various jobs and usually allows very uniform nail results. At the same time, this nailer usually has almost no jamming, so you can use this device for continuous use. On the other hand, there is the electric nailer. This serves as a compressed air nailer as well as a compressed air stapler. For this nailer often offers less power and is therefore not very well suited for some work. Nevertheless, you can attach foils or thin softwood boards with this pneumatic nailer and stapler. This compressed air nailer including compressed air stapler is often used by do-it-yourselfers because it is usually cheaper and offers two functions in one device. If, on the other hand, you would like to buy a classic finish nailer, you usually have to accept a higher price.

The most important purchase criteria for a finish nailer

If you look for the best finish nailer, you will find many different designs. To pick the best finish nailer, you should inform yourself very well before the purchase. It makes sense, therefore, to read various comparisons, reviews and so on. It may well be worthwhile to take into account the experience of the people who worked with such tools before. In this way, you can get an overview of the different opinions and ultimately find a suitable pneumatic nailer.

Here is that you should consider when making a purchase:

Nail size

When you choose a nail gun, the nail length often plays a major role. Nail guns often use nails that are between 1 to 2 inches in size. If you need a nailer for this purpose, you can, for example, choose Bostitch brand. In some cases, however, you will need a bigger tool to drive bigger nails.

The weight

The weight matters a lot, since you are going to hold this thing in your hands for a whole day. Most finish nailers are lightweight so you won’t be troubled with sore muscles by the end of the day. However, some nail guns may be pretty bulky and weight up to 10 pounds, which is pretty heavy.

The ergonomics

A nail gun should be properly balanced, otherwise you will quickly regret you purchase. Even if the tool is lightweight, improper balanced weight might be really troublesome.


When you buy a pneumatic nailer, you should always check the safety of the device. Most devices are equipped with a feature that prevents nails from coming out of the device unless pressed onto a material. This function serves as protection against nails, which could possibly loosen. There are several trigger mechanisms that are used to improve the safety, such as full sequential trigger and the contact trigger system.

The drive

Most mail guns uses compressed air as their energy source. However, there are more options available, such as fuel powered or electric nailers. Please note that you will need an air compressor to use pneumatic nailer.

The price

In a pneumatic nailer test, you should preferably pay attention to the quality of the nailer. Nevertheless, prices often play an important role as well. Therefore, it may be advisable to carry out a price comparison. If you want to buy cheap, you may need to buy the device used. However, if you only need the nailing device once or very rarely, you can rent it if necessary.


There is a lot of different brand available, such as bostitch, porter cable, hitachi, and so on. However, even if you like one particular brand, don’t forget to check the reviews.


A finish nailer is a handy tool for home improvement as well as for the delicate carpenty, with which many jobs can be done. If you need such a nailer, you can choose between two variants according to a pneumatic nailer test. Because there is the classic nailer, which provides a consistent result, as well as the cordless nailer, which can also be used as a compressed air stapler. However, the species is not the only aspect you should look for in a comparison. Just as important are the nail length, the weight and the ergonomics, the safety and the drive. But you should also take a closer look at the accessories before you buy them. Last but not least, the price usually plays a certain role. Therefore, it can often be worthwhile to additionally carry out a price comparison. Overall, you will find many different devices. Popular nailers include, for example, the pneumatic nailer Makita, the pneumatic nailer Bosch, the pneumatic nailer Prebena and the compressed air nailer W├╝rth.