Wood stove accessories that you will need

wood stove accessories

There are several wood stove accessories that you can use to improve your experience with stoves. Of course you can just burn some wood without using any of these fancy things, but come on, it’s 21st century already! So here is the list:

Wood stove fans

First of all, you can use wood stove fans. Wood stove fans are used to spread the heat from the stove evenly, by improving the air circulation near the stove. Stove fans do not require electricity to run which is a big advantage. They work by using the heat energy from the stove top. They have such things known as thermoelectric module. This stuff convert heat energy from the stove into electricity, which fuels up the electric motor that moves the fan blades.

Another type of stove fans is powered by sterling engine. It’s a pretty old yet genius technology that converts heat into mechanical energy that moves the engine cylinder. It’s somewhat like a internal combustion engine in your car, but it is external combustion engine. This means that the fuel burns outside of cylinder.

So, this little thing that costs like a 50 bucks can really make a difference.

Steamers and humidifiers

So here goes another accessories you need. It’s the wood stove steamers, or humidifiers. It is a cast iron kettle or pan that you fill up with water and place on the stove top. The water starts to boil and evaporates into the air, making it more humid. It is an important thing since wood stoves makes air inside your home dry. Too low air humidity may cause various diseases, and it’s just uncomfortable when you breathe such dry air.

Make sure that the stove humidifier which you’ll buy will be not too small, otherwise you will have to refill it with water too often. It’s not really got when a steamer hold only a quart of water.

Heat reclaimers

This thing really makes you stove more efficient, even more than a fan. You probably know that common fireplaces aren’t really effective as the most heat they generate goes lost into the chimney. To fix that, you can use heat exchanger.

It is a cast iron or steel pipes with circulating air within it. The cold air goes in, the hot air goes out, it’s simple. And you end up with having more heat with the same amount of fuel burnt.

Firewood holders

You probably known that you will need a firewood to keep the stove burning. Storing the firewood near the fireplace without any firewood rack is kinda messy, so it’s better to get one. Moreover, these things usually looks nice and will fit well in your interior. Cast iron is such a thing that looks nice everywhere, every time.